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Heroes Half Marathon

Heroes Half Marathon

Event Details

Fundraisers: Sam Lenselink, George Broom, Elliot King, Luke White, Sam Dickson, Jamie Palmer, George Macdonald, Matty Walker, Alex Reid, Charlie Firth, Tom Papke, Ed Russell, Nick Going, Harry Spawforth, Tom Nicole, Sacha Brown, Ollie Pearman, , Calum Brown, James Pancaldi, Charlie Serjeant, Max Sowter, Barney O Neill, James Thornton Wood, Eleana Ennes, Holly Culver, Cam Montgomerie, Ed Woolley, Reuben Walker, Stevie Bradley, Adam Welton, Ollie Philips, Angus Dahl, Harry Wigram, Joseph Gibber, Tom White, Marcus Mclean, Charlie Marchant, Billy Munks, Ellen Talbot, Jamie Pudge, Jamie Hutchings, Connie Evans, India Wood, Charlie Hill, Felicity Bull, Amy Perring, Tom Shotton, Ryan Daniel, Jess Brown, Bill Bathurst, Sam Pode, Matt Jessop, Rory Milbank, Tristan Kleinwort, Billy SHD, Seb Hancock, Patrick Mccahon, Jessie Bull, Will Mead

Event Date: 04th Jul 2020

Event Id: 17563

Charities Supported:

  • Hospice UK - 1014851 - 33%
  • Mind - The National Association for Mental Health - 219830 - 33%
  • NHS Charities Together - 1186569 - 34%
  • Hospice UK
    Hospice UK
  • Mind - The National Association for Mental Health
    Mind - The National Association for Mental Health
  • NHS Charities Together
    NHS Charities Together

Target: £2,000


Raised so far: £140.00
Donations: 6
Gift Aid: £27.50


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Event Description

Members of this Event:

Sam Lenselink George Broom Elliot King Luke White Sam Dickson Jamie Palmer George Macdonald Matty Walker Alex Reid Charlie Firth Tom Papke Ed Russell Nick Going Harry Spawforth Tom Nicole Sacha Brown Ollie Pearman Calum Brown James Pancaldi Charlie Serjeant Max Sowter Barney O Neill James Thornton Wood Eleana Ennes Holly Culver Cam Montgomerie Ed Woolley Reuben Walker Stevie Bradley
Adam Welton Ollie Philips Angus Dahl Harry Wigram Joseph Gibber Tom White Marcus Mclean Charlie Marchant Billy Munks Ellen Talbot Jamie Pudge Jamie Hutchings Connie Evans India Wood Charlie Hill Felicity Bull Amy Perring Tom Shotton Ryan Daniel Jess Brown Bill Bathurst Sam Pode Matt Jessop Rory Milbank Tristan Kleinwort Billy SHD Seb Hancock Patrick Mccahon Jessie Bull Will Mead

A half marathon amongst mates and their mates, on a summer's weekend when we are out of isolation.

Set to finish on Clapham Common, so those who can't take part can support and join for a beer and a long overdue frolic in the sun after.

Raising money for three sets of charities that need your help now more than ever! The repercussions of this pandemic have rippled through society; the NHS is overwhelmed, mental wellbeing will have been impacted and as funds have been exhausted, some charities face a fight to survive!

Help support these charities so that together they can continue to provide services that are so vital, but often so underappreciated.



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Matt Worthingto 
Donated £80.00 (+ £20.00 Gift Aid)
Big love
Sophia Boni 
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
Good luck!
Hannah Riley 
Donated £5.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Donated £25.00 (+ £0.00 Gift Aid)
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
Donated £10.00 (+ £2.50 Gift Aid)
Good lads!